Diligent Citizen


Diligent Citizen


eCommerce Web Development

We designed a clothing brand from scratch for Diligent Citizen.

We launched Diligent Citizen to much applause. Designed from scratch, every image, every product, every line of CSS code was lovingly laid down by our team.

Black on black and white on black design can be very challenging as it can be difficult to read so we really focused on ensuring the site was accessible by the end users.

The website features deep integrations with many 3rd parties including, Stripe, Facebook and Instagram. Diligent is a great brand with an excellent moral standing. We like their message.

Clothing Brand eCommerce Website

Beautifully crafted website Woocommerce website featuring sleek looking clothing and deep Facebook integrations. A challenging black on black design that is really eye catching.

Client Feedback

“My team really smashed it out of the park with this website and pushed the boundaries on black on black design and they totally smashed it out of the park creating an amazing looking online clothing store.” – Sam Georgeson, Cassius King

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Web Design & Development

Mobile responsive and elegant eCommerce web design, feature rich with hundreds of lifestyle images and a eye popping catalogue of products.

Brand Identity

In order for a new clothing brand to stand out from the crowd, significant brand building is required to capture consumers attention.

Digital Marketing

This website is making using of intelligent eCommerce tracking to target and find new users who match our brand guidelines on both Instagram and Facebook.

Integrations & Automation

We integrated many 3rd party applications and services like Facebook messenger, Facebook pixels as well as a full Facebook storefront. We will continue to enhance these integrations as better updates are released.